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All treatments are performed with your clothes on. Comfortable clothing for exercise and Yoga are best to wear for your session.

Deep Tissue

(Not heavy pressure) Implies the therapist is affecting the tissues deep form the surface of the body.

Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage

Massage techniques that go the extra step to care for the needs of new mothers to be.

Sports Massage

Athletes young and old often require specific focused treatments for their acute pain.

Swedish Massage

This is the most common massage technique , using gliding broad strokes designed to stimulate and pamper the body.

Medical Treatment Massage

Used when your Therapist is collaborating with other healthcare providers on a shared patient


Neuromuscular Therapy

Identifies dysfunctions within the nervous systm and corrects them to decrease pain.

Structural Relief Therapy (SRT)

Advancing the muscle energy concept, SRT removes structural abnormalities by using passive positioning.


Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

A new concept with great results at pain management and removal through nervous system manipulation.



With our understanding of the nervous system, we can manipulate the refluxes to decrease dysfunction.

In order to uphold our ethical standards, we will always integrate the best and most effective techniques into each session. West Sound Massage ensures only the highest quality treatments for our patients. Regardless of how advanced or expensive a technique is to learn, you only pay for the session time and we will always provide the highest quality care.
Your Questions?
Why Should I Choose West Sound Massage?
Simply put, results. We focus on being practical healthcare providers first and foremost. We integrate advanced techniques and concepts that have been validated by research. Education and experience is why our results are the best.
What if I Need Deep Tissue Massage?
Deep tissue is not synonymous with heavy pressure. Direct, controlled heavy pressure has it’s effective purposes; however, currently it is being overused and potentially causing increased soft tissue damage. The most beneficial deep tissue techniques/concepts are more challenging to learn, and achieve proficiency that explains the lack of prevalence within the industry. At West Sound Massage deep tissue treatment is applied to achieve the most health gains, and always in a safe manner.
What if my Doctor told me not to Massage?
Most doctors are aware of the dangers of direct heave pressure, and i’s overuse. We are in open communication with all doctors. By informing doctors of our evidence based, and advanced practice techniques, we can give them peace  of mind, knowing their patients are cared for without risk of further damage.
Do you provide Referral Bonuses for Friends?
Yes. A %10 off your next treatment for every new patient you refer that closes business.



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